CH Bernkastel Down Under


Date Welped: 4/15/2008







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Pedigree of ” CH Bernkastel Down Under

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: CH Woodrott Abbaz Kick’n It Up  Multi BISS V-Rated Am/Can CH Appolonia Anything Goes CS,TT,TDI,CGC  BISS Am/Can Int. CH Trinity Gamegards Sudden Impact RN,HT,PT,CS,TT,HIT,CGC
 Multi BOSS Select CH Eigenstate’s Ballroom Blitz RTD
 CH Woodrott Abbaz Trouble Maker  V-! BISS CH Blackrock Empire Strikes CD
 Multi BOSS CH Woodrott Abbaz Popopitifulme

DAM: CH Bernkastel Charmed On


BISS Select CH Crystal’s Topaz V Ponca CD,CGC  BISS SElect CH Ponca’s Bite The Bullet CD,CGC
 Am/Can CH Oakviews Diamond V Gremlin Am/ can CD,CGC,RTD
 Circa’s Best Kept Secret ‘Mia’  CH Shadows All I Ever Wanted
 CH Cammcastle Blessed Event