BOSS Select GCH Bernkastel Happy Birthday To Me


Whelped: 11/28/2012

Heart: RO-CA6561/25/F/C-VPI

Eyes: Ro-Eye794/26F-VPI

Hips: Ro-74829E26F-VPI

Elbows: Ro-EL10190F26-VPI


Champion, Grand Champion

Multi Best in Sweepstakes

Multi Best of Opposite in Sweeps

BOSS Medallion Rottweiler Club

!st Place BBE@CRC2014 (2)3rd place 15-18sweeps

Pedigree of “Meme “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: Multi V Placing BISS Select CH Bernkastel B’mer HIT,TT  BISS Select CH Von Boylans Golden Boy CGC  Am/Can CH Montclair’s Odin V Wyndhurst CD
 Select CH Fine’s Ciara Von Covenant CD, RTD
 Circa’s Best Kept Secret ‘Mia’ RN  CH Shadows All I ever Wanted
 CH Cammcastle Blessed Event
DAM: CH Bernkastel Down Under  CH Woodrott Abbaz Kick’n It Up Multi BISS V-Rated Am/Can CH Appolonia Anything Goes CS,TT,TDI,CGC
 CH Woodrott Abbaz Trouble Maker
 CH Bernkastel Charmed One   BISS Select CH Crystal’s Topaz V Ponca CD, CGC
 Circa’s Best Kept Secret ‘Mia’ RN